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Back to school with Tern bicycles!

Many people came during this summer looking for bikes that could allow them to transport their children as well as their groceries without having to be to the top of their shape nor transporting a trailer. Well, here they are. The Tern GSD and HSD. We finally have them in stock!

We believe in these bicycles since they’re one of the few types out there able to offer a complete car replacement solution, thus a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. We assembled a few points common to both bikes that might help you make the decision of biking your city and your planet. 

Easy acceleration and long lasting battery 

Both bikes ride with 20” wheels. Usually used on BMX bikes, they provide optimized maneuverability and quick acceleration. This comes handy when you’re riding in the city, constantly stopping at red lights and crosswalks. It doesn’t matter if your gross weight is 200kg, you will barely feel it when you start again. The wheels also help save battery power, as the motor requires less energy to get into motion. The Tern HSD guarantees an autonomy of up to 110 Km. The GSD, with an optional second battery, can go as far as 205 Km.

High carrying capacity

The HSD model has a gross weight capacity of 170 Kg while the GSD has one of 200 Kg. Both able to carry a front basket that supports up to 50 Kg.


Their stability does not only come from the wheels. Both have their Bosh motor and battery placed at the center of the bike, at the lowest possible. This provides a low gravity center, thus more stability. Also, the GSD model has a spring on the front wheel prevents it from flopping.

Multiple ready-made accessories

Both bikes have different accessories specifically designed for either children or cargo transportation. 

One size fits all

Both bicycles fit riders from 1m50 up to 1m95 thanks to their telescopic saddle and their highly adjustable handlebar.

Space efficient 

They can be stood on end and stored vertically or transported in an SUV thanks to their folding handlebars. 

Come try them!

Wether you plan to transport your kids or your groceries, come with them and go for a ride without engagements!

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